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a) Cite your sources…

1. WORKS CITED PAGE> (Bibliography)
Referencing your sources for papers empowers your writing. It is a basic way of avoiding plagiarism and improves the level of your written expression. Use our Citation Style Guide below, use NoodleTools or Ask-A- Librarian
STYLE GUIDES : | KSS 2010 | DOC | MacEwan 2012 PDF | MLA Stylesheet: UBC Okanagan>

BIBme :

noodleNoodle Tools :
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Citation Builders…Bibliography Guides

With some planning and new tools citing your sources for essays, projects and papers has never been better. See your Teacher-librarians Mr. Smith or Mrs. Bede for details or expert coaching. All the tools and guides you need to build a professional works cited page can be found on the web site.

Suggested Tools>

  • Noodle Tools
  • EASYbib
  • UBC Guide

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Information Literacy Guide

Is the set of skills required to navigate and comprehend the information used in learning.



Objective: To write a critical analyses of various forms of media.
Choose (1) form and write a personal response and critical analysis(300words+/-10%. Provide a copy of the chosen work. Assessment criteria will include: creativity, style, vocabulary and rationale. Why is the work important or compelling? What was your initial reaction to the work?
The analysis may include information about the artist or creator but should include a discussion of techniques used. Date? Location? Name? Artist? Medium? Owner? etc? Be prepared to share your work with the class. Assess appropriateness of content and consult with your teacher. Have fun and be creative!
Forms of media: painting, photographs, sculpture, cartoon, performance art, advertisement, music video, political satire

Human resources: people to consult: Mrs. Holmwood, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Smith, Mr. Facey, Mr. Manderioli, Mr. Wong



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