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New history journal recommended…

AllAboutHistoryIssueNo6 History facts, famous people, war and inventions – All About History Magazine. All About History is the exciting new world history magazine from the makers of
How It Works. It’s on sale now at all good newsagents, supermarkets, book stores. 

Thanks @bookfin

001_aah_022_de 001_aah_026

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Walrus magazine- now on display



Time for Bed

Your kids aren’t sleeping enough—and neither are you


Emily Carr’s British Columbia

An unsettling journey through the archives

Visual Essay


In 1884, the ban on the potlatch ceremony struck an additional blow, crippling an important mechanism for the consolidation of community and identity, and for the transmission of knowledge, property, and clan entitlements. Finally, as the twentieth century dawned, the landscape was increasingly ravaged by industrial logging practices. No longer was the natural world honoured as the seat of identity and spiritual connection, as it had been for millennia. Rather, it was aggressively reframed as a commodity, with Indigenous people struggling to find an equitable footing within the new economy. That struggle continues today.( Milroy)

When Elizabeth was three, social and emotional lags became apparent. “Alarm bells were starting to go off,” says Claire. She and Elizabeth began seeing an infant psychiatrist in Burnaby. The problem was a lack of sleep, but she had developed other behavioural issues that were more worrying. Elizabeth had several different diagnoses, including anxiety, a developmental coordination disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (Children with chronic sleep deprivation are often misdiagnosed with ADHD, as both conditions result in distracted, frenetic, and grumpy kids.) The ADHD medication exacerbated Elizabeth’s difficulties, making it even harder to fall asleep. In addition, she developed a facial tic, and her emotions ricocheted up and down. When she told her mother, “My brain is crying,” the family….(Ashenburg)


Ashenburg, K. (2015, May 1). Time for Bed. Retrieved April 22, 2015, < >

Milroy, S. (2015, May 1). Emily Carr’s British Columbia. Retrieved April 22, 2015, < >

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Mindmapping Our Presearch Notes: Seeing Patterns and Gaps

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NightOwl Theatre presents….

APRIL 29- MAY 2 , 7pm


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Overtime- pulling books

Overtime- pulling books for an art project- Comparative Civilization. We forgot how awesome the art book collection was. Despite fabulous online galleries, virtual exhibits and databases, a set of great print material engages students with content immediately. We have best of both worlds. 🙂


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KSS Library hosting connected teacher workshops

Some teacher directed Professional Development at Kelowna Secondary School.  The KSS Library is sponsoring and guiding some workshops for faculty. The sessions will include brief demonstrations and exemplars of connected teachers and conclude with discussion and Q/A.  Small group or individual instruction and collaboration follows as requested later in the term. All workshops are in the Joseph Boyden Learning Commons. Breakfast served in advance 🙂


Workshop sessions for KSS teachers.
APRIL 22, 3:30-4:30pm
Social Media for Teachers
APRIL 23 3:30-4:30pm
Twitter for Professionals
APRIL 29 7:45-8:45am
Managing Resources

Connected Learning: using social media for instruction and assessment.

  • A) Social Media for teachers
    • Blogging for teachers- as a web page, discussion or PD platform
    • Blogging with students- as a writing and production platform
    • Twitter as teaching tool
    • Twitter for professional development

  • B) Online Multimedia

    • Streaming video options
    • Managing YouTube or other video

  • C) Curating print and online resources
    • Curating and evaluating resources
    • Using Annotated Works Cited tools for instruction, inquiry, and assessment
    • Social Bookmarking with Diigo,
    • Dropbox, and/or GoogleDocs as curating platform

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News: censorship and professional autonomy library books, classroom collections.

From BCTF News…

Hands off our books!

The Langley Teachers’ Association just settled a grievance with the school board dealing with censorship and professional autonomy relating to choosing library books and classroom collections.

The grievance settlement includes the following: the end to weeding and levelling of books, remuneration for books removed from teachers’ classrooms, release time for teachers to meet to discuss purchasing new book collections, and the restoration of the teacher-librarian position at the school.

This settlement is recognized as significant by provincial and national library associations. The University of Alberta has invited representatives from the Langley Teachers’ Association to speak about the issue and their settlement.


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The Teen Brain and the science myths – CBC The Current

CBC The Current interviews –  Dr. Frances Jensen  and Dr. Robert Epstein -Research Psychologist

North American culture enables a longer and longer adolescence which is not substantiated by science?( Teenage) Is the lack of right of passage a contributor? Does our culture enable a large population of anxious, dependent and disfunctional young adults? More>

Now — thankfully — not every teen follows precisely in the frazzled footsteps of those dazed and confused kids, but practically every teenager has, at some point, left their parents confounded at their behaviour… asking, why oh why do teenagers act the way that teenagers do? It’s almost as if they’re another species.

Inside your teenager’s scary brain — Tamsin McMahon, Macleans

Dr. Frances Jensen has spent a lot of time studying the teenage brain, and she says that it’s definitely human… It’s just not yet fully developed. And those days of daze and confusion represent a critical stage, full of vulnerability, and opportunity.

Dr. Frances Jensen chairs the department of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. She’s written a new book called, “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.” (The Teenage Brain )


LISTEN > Listenimages


“The Teenage Brain: Uniquely Powerful, Vulnerable, Not Fully Developed | CBC The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio.” The Current. Ed. A. Tromonti. CBC Radio, 13 Jan. 2015. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. < >. CBC The Current AnneMarie Tromonti

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Enjoy the retrospective post from MCrompton

There is nothing “New” in Libraries in the 21st Century

A brief thought this morning.  I was reading through my Twitter stream over a cup of coffee and found a tweet of a Mindshift article from back in June on what the “next-generation” school library looks like.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of good ideas in the article, many of which I explore in my own space, but these are not new.  Or at least the ideas behind them aren’t.  The more we speak of how libraries are different than in the past, the more we do a disservice to what libraries have always been, long before books were ever “a thing.”


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The One Thing Every Educator Should Do This Year – Brilliant or Insane

One thing teachers must do this year

Say No! Seriously, this is it.

Don’t say No to students–at least not often.

The one thing every educator must do this year is say No to bureaucrats. Say No to the publishing lobby. Say No to misguided administrators. Say No to parents, who demand bad practice. Say No to the That’s-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it mentality. Say No to quiet. Say No to order. Say No to failure.


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