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Living With Balance For Teachers

The Central Okanagan Teachers’ Association is hosting a “wellness/vitality program” called “Living with Balance”.  The BCTF Health and Wellness Program and School District #23 co-sponsor this program to allow teachers to attend this workshop free of charge.
Week One: Overview and Objectives
•   Education, self-evaluation, and examining the importance of maintaining life-style balance.
Week Two: Personal Well-being
•   Discussing the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and managing symptoms of low mood, anxiety, stress, good boundaries and managing conflict.
Week Three: Skill Building
•   Learning strategies that increase awareness of factors that contribute to fluctuations in mood as well as methods to manage them.
•   Review proven techniques used to improve self-esteem and self-confidence, manage stress and low mood.
Week Four: Work-life Balance
•   Defining what work-life balance means to each of us and what happens when our roles collide.  Having good boundaries is often attributed to having clear values.
•    Discuss how to be intentional, creative and assertive when you need to be.
Week Five: Setting Goals
•   A goal is the destination of what you want to achieve. Your goals are often based on your core values.
•   We will explore how to define your core values and how to find clarity and motivation to achieve them.
Week Six: Building Resiliency and Vitality
•     Learning the importance of social connections and community in building long-term wellness.  Understanding that social isolation is a significant health risk factor.
•     We will review the necessary interpersonal skills needed to build and sustain long-term relationships that will enhance your vitality and resiliency.
DATES:  Wednesday, January 21 to Wednesday, February 25
(2 hours once a week for 6 weeks)
TIME:         4:15 to 6:15 p.m.
PLACE:        COTA Office
#210-1751 Harvey Avenue
To register, please go on line http://bctf.ca/LivingWithBalance.aspx to complete the registration form.  For further information please call Robin Gabert at 250-859-1819 or e-mail at  robin.gabert@gmail.com

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