Day 59 (of 188) 3 key things (really) when teaching a ‘tough’ class #bcedbloggers

Thanks. You’d be surprised how effective this AFL is at “helping” both academic and behavioural achievements! I got it by ‘leading by reading’ and sharing and discussing and debating. It also helped that over the years I became more confident in who I was as an educator, and that helped lead to relationships…” (Landy)

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Day 59 (of 188) 3 key things (really) when teaching a ‘tough’ class

This afternoon I ran into a young teacher-couple; the wife worked with me for a fortnight before getting full time work, and her fiancé just got a job with a ‘tough’ classroom. As we chatted I thought and shared: To me, tough is always relative = I’ve been in a class with more stories than you can count that would break your heart; I’ve worked in schools that made others just shake their heads; but I was able to take those in stride (and loved each day) because I was in a good mindset….

#1 Mindset – the vital-ness of being mindful of everything that you are doing. You can’t cancel Christmas unless you’re actually willing to do it. I always know I am lucky enough to be in the best classroom of the best school of…

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