Bravo bello… ‘What Makes Us Tic’

Bravo bello!

What is it that makes us different?

What Makes Us Tic is a documentary film that aims to inspire and raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome; a commonly misunderstood disorder. With interviews from students, doctors and teachers, the film gives a wide perspective of what it is like to live with Tourette Syndrome.
But ultimately, the film is meant to make you ask “what is it that makes us different?”

This documentary is designed to be a free resource that can be used by anyone to educate others about Tourette Syndrome! If you would like to hold a screening of the documentary, or would be interested in other teaching materials to compliment the documentary, please email me at!
You can also visit the website for the film:

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is characterized by tics; which are like an action or a sound that you have to do. Motor tics can be as simple as eye blinking to head jerking, and vocal tics can range from squeaks to barks.
To keep it simple, ticcing is like sneezing. You can only hold in your tics for so long before they explode out of you!
Tourette Syndrome typically occurs between five and twelve years old, and while there is no known cure for the disorder, it will quite often diminish and almost disappear after puberty. But really, Tourette Syndrome is different for every single person with it, so it is hard to pinpoint “normalities” within the disorder.( Thomson)


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