Self Portrait Series by Kenzie

Kenzie Morgan is a photography student in the Class of 2014. We should remember Ms. Morgan, not just because she is a scholar and fine artist but Kenzie will be contributing vibrant thoughtful images for years to come. Check out her Self Portrait Series below.

The purpose of this digital photography project was to take twenty-four self-portraits, not necessarily all head shots, and to choose six of them, edit these, and add quotes that coincide with the photos to help demonstrate an aspect of the photographer, be it a hobby, personality trait, lifestyle, etc.  For example, of the photos I’ve attached, the Akubra hat photo demonstrates my Australian heritage, the books my love of reading, the eyes my continuous efforts to keep a good perspective, the beaker photo my perfectionism, and the blossoms how I change each year (the blossoms represent not only the changing of seasons but me, seeing as they tend to bloom on my birthday). 
   This project not only helped us (my Photography classmates and me) in continuing to improve in digital photography, but to become increasingly comfortable with photo editing programs…-Kenzie Morgan 
by Kenzie Morgan 2014

by Kenzie Morgan 2014






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