Reflections from Camp

On Learning

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend one Edcamp 43 in Coquitlam.  First, I would like to thank the team from SD #43 that organized the event – it was awesome!

Edcamp43 was my second Edcamp experience.  Last year I attended Edcamp Vancouver and when I got home last night I read my post after that event and reflected on the Edcamp experience in general.  In that post I talked about the importance of connecting with educators all over the province in order to grow the movement.  Well, based on the number of Edcamps in BC this year (I think I count 6) and this post by Chris Kennedy today, we are well on our way.

Here is what I really like about the Edcamp model and why I think it can be a very powerful agent of change.

It is an Organic Movement

First everyone comes because they want to.  Those…

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