These are real people.

A Fine Balance

Last week I had the opportunity to meet f2f some amazing people who preciously I had only meet virtually.

A mere virtual community…


canflip crewThese are real people!

And if you are reading this you probably know, it is not either or. It is not a virtual network OR a real one. It is both. My so called virtual network is also a very real one. People that I have been collaborating with online for over 2 years are people who show up in “real life”, our paths cross and connections are strengthened. We share stories, ideas and family photos. And maybe it sounds “cheesy” but I do love the cheese…but we are a community; real, palpable, vital, connected and interdependent. This year #canflip13, our second annual Flipped Class conference, was more than anything for me, a celebration of our community of co-learners.

But my object here, is not…

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