1Password one great solution for million reason$


Capture1PASSWI don’t typically endorse or even rave about any application, software or company  ( I’ve been known to rant some) but with the recent security worries a tool to manage your numerous accounts and improve your protection has to be a good thing.

It isn’t free. Maybe you can find something but I prefer the integrity and integration this CANADIAN company provides. I bought a 1Password for multiple platforms and the iOS app because I’m online for personal and work reasons on multiple machines and devices and as a librarian frequently use accounts and online purchases. I can pop from work PC to iPad to my iPhone and back home to my iMac and back and have my accounts and passwords- old and new sync safely. It took me awhile to clean up my accounts and reload them but AgileBits browser extensions make it pretty elegant.  Your can manage multiple profiles, enter text, logins, credit cards….

1Password is a comprehensive package and Agilebits offers other products and purchase options.


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