Story Matters indeed…

Nice column! Amen! The story matters indeed. The Library Book by Dave Obee, is a story of service but in many ways an ethnography too. Since the campfire, the story is our humanity. It makes perfect sense that when we moved from oral tradition to written record that someone( librarians) found ways to not just preserve that vast collection if stories, fact or fiction, but provide ways for everyone to access them regardless of background, race or creed. I recall as a little boy having an aunt expose me to books on her shelf and my mother who was willing to be dragged to the small public library downtown so I get the Zane Grey title not in her set! Then again finding the renewed love for libraries I saw in the relationship of my English teacher and school librarian. This bond and sense of service toward books and literacy only made me inspired to seek out the glorious old Main Library at UBC. The story of stories could be found in all these venues. Obee has a wonderful volume.

20130514-192637.jpg KSS Library , Al Smith 2013

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