What do students want? Let’s ask them.

A Fine Balance

You know at the front of the student planner where we post 1 million rules that mainly refer to what students must and must not do? Yeah those ones.

Well how about we did a flip-a-roo and added some student created guidelines around what we adults and school should do? I started to make a list of things that I thought student’s would ask for and then thought that’s dumb, I should just ask my students!

So today I asked each of my 3 classes for their input; what would they like to see at school?; what matters most to them?;what do they wish they could change?;what are their pet-peeves? So below is what I got, most of the requests were not surprising. What did surprise me was how taken aback students were that I was asking them for their input. Keep in mind as you read that my students…

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