Creation of Hope- actions into stories

Eric Walters, author, activist, and speaker kept a crowd of teens focused with a very compelling delivery today. A hybrid of book talk, travelogue, NGO mission statement all worked with a craft that clearly demonstrates a man with passion for kids, stories and humanitarianism. At times he was provocative, such as his rant against the value of Twilight; to humorous, such as his teasing of boys and girls in the audience, but ultimately he was passionate about poor children. Whether poverty and care of orphans in Kenya or Toronto, he practices what he preaches and then crafts his research and actions into writing stories and that process has to be respected.  There is no writing books from a luxurious city office here.

Kilimanjaro and Giraffe

Check out some Eric Walters titles here.

Read about his orphanage school Creation of Hope.

“…This project began with a chance meeting with a young boy in a marketplace and the discovery that he was one of over 500 orphans in and around Kikima – a small rural community in Kenya. These children live in the most desperate of situations – situations that for many seem to be hopeless. The program features an outreach component – with over 350 orphans residing with extended family members given monthly support – a residential component with 37 orphans and 19 orphans who are funded to go to residential high schools.” ( Creation of )

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