Culham Mashup- banned books project based learning

IMG_0006culhamMs. Culham English class project -collaboration with the KSS Library- a trailer mashup during Freedom to Read Week Canada. annotated posters of banned books read during project. displays. book talks….

-Project:    Research your book .You are looking to find 3 challenges for your book. Combine the title of your book with “censorship,” “banned,” “controversy,” “challenge” etc. Try to find challenges that have taken place in Canada. If you cannot find a sufficient number of challenges, you may need to switch books. Write down the date and location of the challenge, and a brief 3-4 sentence summary of the reasons and the results.

Read or skim through your book and find 3 direct quotations that could make your book controversial. Record the quote and page number.  Summarize your book in 5-7 sentences. Do not copy the summary on the back or inside cover of the novel, write your own.  Write a 6-7 sentence paragraph convincing me and your classmates why this book should or should not be censored or banned. Be prepared to discuss this in an informal setting.   Create a poster that displays a likeness of the cover of your book, or illustrates the theme and characters of the book. You will not necessarily have read the book, but through research and skimming you should know enough about it to envision related illustrations. The poster will be on large printer paper (provided), coloured with felt pens or pencil crayons. A poster that only contains computer pictures, internet pictures or clip art will not be acceptable. Artistic ability is not necessary, but creativity and effort are.

Banned Books annotated posters mashup…

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