The Future is Here: Ready or Not | Canadian Education Association (CEA)

Pedagogy needs to serve the student, not the teacher or the textbook

Read any of the popular books on innovation in business, for example Phil McKinney’s Beyond the Obvious. As you read, substitute ‘client’ for student and ‘product’ for pedagogy. If you can endure some internal discomfort created by superimposing a business model onto education, the idea that pedagogy and instructional design needs to fit the needs of our students (clients) becomes a useful metaphor. Continue reading further to understand that successful businesses pay very close attention to the needs of their customers. When the customer loses faith in the product, the business is in danger. “Yes, but school is not a business” you say? “Wait and watch what happens when students understand that they can access learning anywhere, anytime and on demand”, I say. The digital age has released information and knowledge from the prison of the page (David Weinberger “Too Big to Know”) and that is changing everything.

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