(@pageturner) NY libraries very busy…not your mother’s library!

Many of us bookish and sshhhing librarians have been busy renovating library services for years while so-called experts have been singing the demise of libraries. We knew better. Why? Not because we were technology zealots or social activists but rather because we understand the information, technology and reading needs of people young or old.

Librarians-public, academic and school-have been adapting and evolving services for years to better accommodate patrons and now that popular culture has become digital, mainstream media is shocked that libraries have value added assets in addition to great print books. ( read Sandra Singh VPL, GlobeMail, http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/the-vancouver-public-library-thriving-in-a-digital-age/article6674293/?service=mobile)

The media has just been behind the curve of users needs while they focus on the gadgetry and shock and awe of wifi and tablets etc. Academic libraries and most school libraries have been busy exciting hubs of learning, creativity and personal expression for years that included technological and digital resources. Strong successful library programs don’t obsess on the gadgets they just acquire, learn and select the most prudent resources that serve people. Serving patrons, whether its navigating messy research tasks, discovering great reading material for pleasure or designing spaces that people use and feel valued, strong programs live it. Many teacher-librarians that are in my immediate @bctla network are district leaders in instructional design and student programs too. I know librarians in the Ministry of Education who are building innovative services for public library branches province wide. ( http://commons.bclibraries.ca/)
Academic libraries like UBC are leading the country in many initiatives and building designs. The Instructional Lab at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the Copyright.ubc.ca web site are just a couple examples ( http://about.library.ubc.ca/2012/09/11/ubc-launches-updated-copyright-website/)

Professional librarians have the intent and action plans, whether it was print or now digital, infused in their DNA. Libraries just struggle with old stereotypes because they have been ancient institutions. Those positive change agents in the field may be amused by stereotypes like the grumpy granny librarian or the sexy book lover but we know that we are as diverse and as talented as any other specialty public service field. – Al Smith, Kelowna BC

page-turner-logo_normal.jpeg Page-Turner (@pageturner)
2013-01-09 8:09 AM
Despite the growth of digital technology, New Yorkers are spending more time than ever in the city’s libraries. wny.cc/WrT09v

“…some of the most innovative digital library work anywhere.” Dan Cohen, Director, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media

“…showing just how much of a force for awesome experimentation a library can be today.” Dan Sinker, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, founder of Punk Planet

“It’s all part of drawing the public into the library’s work.”Jennifer Howard,Chronicle of Higher Education

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