Philanthropist author Walters to visit KSS

We are hosting award winning author and philanthropist next year in March 2013.

Eric Walters @EricRWalters

Award winning Canadian author. Published more than 70 novels. Philanthropist.   Toronto ON ·

waltersbooksThis author will be visiting us at KSS!  Some of you have indicated interest but need to know if you are still interested.  Please visit his website for more information.  Link above. He also is involved in a project called “Creation of Hope” so would be good for “Me to We” types (Leadership, Social Justice, Free the Children, Terry Fox)  as well as writers.  If your class does not meet during the time period I will make out a “skip” sheet for interested students.  Remember this is on the day just before Spring Break!  There will be no charge–the Library takes care of this! Yes he is the same author who wrote the recent biography on Terry Fox
Eric has also moved beyond merely writing for children. He has presented to over 1,400,000 children and young adults  across the country. His presentations blend drama, storytelling, audience participation and interaction. He not only wants his audience to hear about his books, but about the writing process and how they can become more excited about writing.

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