Students Who Struggle Early Rarely Catch Up, Study Says – Inside School Research – Education Week

Disheartening but I suspected for years that early childhood development is vital. If we are creating learning deficits that cannot be overcome by grade 4, we are investing wrong and implementing inappropriately. We have the skills and dedicated people, we just have institutions that cannot adapt well enough. That said, I must also critiqued what we are measuring with regards to college or career readiness? Who’s measure? Maybe we should measuring a ‘life satisfaction scale’ or ‘health and wellness index’ or other….. Maybe career readiness is a complete myth anyway?

From @jenhegna

Even at high-performing, wealthy high schools, students who have fallen far behind academically in 4th and 8th grade have less than a 1 in 3 chance of being ready for college or a career by the end of high school, according to a new study by the national testing group ACT Inc.(

Al Smith

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