(@gcouros) Is Facebook becoming irrelevant?

9ob36ijk4926indjjs9y_normal.png George Couros (@gcouros)
2012-12-02 11:08 AM
Is Facebook Becoming Irrelevant? zite.to/Yn2w5f

“…..Relevancy and context are frequently mistaken for targeting and personalization but they are not the same thing at all.

To prove it consider this example: You’re lounging down the pub shooting the wind with your besties. You’re right in the middle of some story about a party when in comes a guy with a bunch of leaflets. It’s the same hardware store with the very same tools and the very same offer as before. I am giving away no prizes for anyone guessing just how effective that kind of marketing really is.

Yet, that is the kind of marketing Facebook is betting its future on, at present.”

Similar opinions have been expressed about education; however, unlike, business or technology media enterprises, education needs to serve their clients immediately AND predict their needs for a 12-16 year schooling future. Difficult? Indeed! Pretending we have the assets and insights to prepare our children for the ‘ 21stCentury ‘ landscape is as bold and foolish as Facebook sometimes appears to be. It’s tough business investors, who live by the ‘quarter’ time cycle and merchandise or services? Now think how massive a longterm challenge it really is to strategize for education- which by nature, is temporal, methodical, personal, and often very experiential. Human beings are complex creatures who learn in many ways for many reasons at varying times. Parents are often very unsure how to best raise their children and most parents. I know the quandary by experience. We often are only measuring our success by the interpretation of our kids happiness day by day. imagine now. How do we, educators, as skilled as we may be, remain relevant and within context? I pray, better than Facebook.

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