Spark-Nora Young reprise…

“Failing on the internet is essentially free… not like constructing a faulty building… buying a manual or taking a course to catch only gets you aware and skills of something that is already 2 years behind…”   “Fail as a way of learning”   -Seth Godin

If you haven’t followed Nora’s podcast/radio show I highly recommend you check her out. Topics and guests are very informative and applicable to education.

Homework: solve the digital divide at work.. write someone a handwritten note thank you note. 30 days after doing that you will see things change!

Spark 195: Pagination, Education, Participation

This week on Spark – new ways of learning, of reading, and of healing. Reinventing the classroom, writing for the now, calls for the end of pagination and for more participation online, and the evolution of therapy technologies. Just click the Listen button, or click here to download the mp3. For related links…

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