MEMORY, forget everything you thought you knew-NewScientist

The current issue of New Scientist is just being circulated ( thx our sweetheart colleague- Dini ) watch for this amazing article- even you humanities types! Also the Library provides teachers with access to the digital archives of this terrific British journal. Megabytes of good stuff!

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(Image: van Wanten Etcetera/Souverein. Page detail: Anne Frank Fonds/Anne Frank House via Getty Images)

“…We are all collections of memories. They dictate how we think, act and make decisions, and even define our identity.
Yet memory, with its many virtues and flaws, has puzzled for centuries. How are memories made and stored in the brain? Why do we remember some events but not others? What do other animals remember? And how can we improve the flawed instrument handed to us by evolution?
In these articles we answer these questions and many more, starting with a revolutionary new understanding of memory’s purpose…” (Robson, 32 )

Robson, David, and Emma Young. “Memory.” New Scientist 6 Oct. 2012: 32. New Scientist. Web. 16 Oct. 2012.

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