@web20classroom, 4/19/12 6:04 PM redesigning spaces of learning

Steven_Anderson_ISTE_Pro_Shot_Crop_normal.pngSteven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)
4/19/12 6:04 PM
Re-designing spaces for learning zite.to/HGt9px

– Redesign spaces around collaborative teaching,
– Retrain teachers to work collaboratively and
– Empower and resource teachers to be the agents of change in any context

For the past 6 years we’ve consciously evolved our high school library to address these three action plans. The goal was to develop a new space within our walls to serve as many learning needs as possible. Our grade10-12 library looks, feels and functions like a learning commons- not just in name but form and function. This evolution took support of our new vision by admin but really grew from building capacity in the space and then serving our school culture. Visit us at http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc/commons.html

I really appreciate your healthy provoking and sharing.
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