Pearl Harbour history- virtual field trip

Virtual Voyage: Pearl Harbor

Information: In 1941 Pearl Harbor was a Pacific US Naval Base located in Hawaii. On the morning of December 7, 1941 they experienced a surprise and strategic military attack from the Japanese. The attack sank and damaged much of the US Navy’s Pacific fleet. Continue your voyage of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and today by exploring the sites and videos below.

The KSS Library is hosting a virtual field trip with several classes next week. It will connect with the World War II units and Cold War study.

Teacher-librarian-KSS, Al Smith and Doug Gray, Admin-Central, have made arrangement sto use their LifeSize webcam equipment to participate in an interactive session with Pearl Harbour survivor living in Hawaii.  This Virtual Field trip can be an example of potential future collaborations.


Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field trips range from simple website visits, to high definition interactive video conferencing. All five high schools in SD23 have access to dedicated LifeSize HD videoconferencing systems which enable realtime high definition interactive video conferencing.
We have linked to a variety of content providers which can be used to identify content providers for your Virtual Field Trip.   please contact Mark Hauk at Central Programs and Services.


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3 responses to “Pearl Harbour history- virtual field trip

  1. A big thank you to SD23 Central School’s Mark Hauk for getting a virtual field trip off the ground. Getting to share slides, photos and interview with survivors and soldiers Jimmy Lee, Sterling Cale, Herb Weatherwax was insightful for our Socials and History 12 classes. Thanks to Pacific Historic Parks, Hawaii for their collaboration with Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration (CILC). The LifeSize interactive equipment was a powerful tool. ‘Living’ textbooks add a great dimension.

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