Thanks to BC Director of Public Library Services Branch

Just want to thank Jacqueline van Dyk , Director, Public Library Services Branch, Ministry of Education, for her visit our library today.  Not only was it wonderful to be asked but so lovely to tour and share what we love about our ‘learning commons’.  Ms. Dyk was so patient and interested with the operation and design of the area and program.  It was a funny coincidence that Ms. Dyk went to MLIS school with Ms. Bede’s brother who works at the college next door!

Two girls working at walkup stations

It was nice to have so many students and classes in real time there to provide a real sense of the environment.  It was funny while we wandered about that she was interrupted by her phone and I was interrupted by inquiring students who saw Jacqueline as just another adult keeping Mr. Smith away from his services. 🙂

As we continued our walk about the sun shone through our large windows as if to smile for our special visitor and a ironic poke as dark clouds loom over school libraries here and afar.

It is very much appreciated that the Public Library Services Branch indicates interest in various issues inside school libraries and we are always keenly observant of changes in the public realm. The information sharing and networking is vital to making positive change.

Thank you Jacqueline.

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