can we plan too much choice for student research projects?

While working on some district literacy committee materials and reading we thought we’d share.

Too Much Choice

The article discusses the topic of student choice in regards to project-based learning assignments. Research suggests that student choice should be limited after multiple reports show that too many choices or open-ended assignments often lead to students either not completing or only partially-completing their assignments. The article goes on to suggest ways in which teachers can implement student choice into their projects. In regards to project-based learning assignments, the research promotes the use of inquiry-based assignments to allow students to use analytical skills. The author suggests that teachers use a driving question in project-based learning in order to guide their students towards using higher-order thinking skills.

Goodwin, Bryan. “Choice Is a Matter of Degree.” Educational Leadership 68.1 (2010): 80-81. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.

One-to-One Laptop Programs

The article reports on research regarding the educational benefits of one-to-one school laptop programs in the U.S. states such as Maine, Texas, and Massachusetts. It discusses ways in which the adoption of one-to-one programs have shown proof of success regarding increased student engagement in learning, the development of technology skills, and reduced discipline problems, but also points out that some states have experienced little increase in student achievement since implementing this educational technology initiative. After analyzing the research data, it argues that the determining factor regarding the success of one-to-one computer programs is the way in which teachers and administrators plan for the use of technology within their schools.

Goodwin, Bryan. “One-to-One Laptop Programs Are No Silver Bullet.” Educational Leadership 68.5 (2011): 78-79. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.

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