Deborah Ellis-author speaks frankly to KSS teens

The Central Okanagan Teacher Librarians’ Association hosted Governor General’s Award winning author DEBORAH ELLIS this week.   She is an engaging speaker with a passion for reading.  As a writer, educator and presenter, this long-time activist has received international acclaim with her dramatic books that give Western readers a glimpse into the plight of children in developing countries.

What was fascinating about her presentation to KSS students today was the degree of credibility she garnered from students.  Although she delivers anecdotes in a straight forward style with sobering themes, the teens were very attentive and seemed genuinely deeply impressed.  Ms. Ellis spoke directly with such sincerity and frankness but always summarized her storytelling with messages of  real action and hope.

She took time to speak personally to students before and after the main presentation. She had a way of making every person feel validated and like real change-makers not just kids.


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