NFB newsletter-Gene Boy, Male Mystique, more

National Film Board Newsletter

February 23, 2011 Edition

Male Mystique – play>>>

This week, we’ve got:

Alanis Obomsawin’s short doc Gene Boy Came Home, about a young Native man’s long journey to the frontlines of the Vietnam War and back home to Odanak Reserve, on
A special round of thanks to quilters for their enthusiastic reception of the short film Quilt, on the blog
The interactive project Flub and Utter, about the unusual poetry of stuttering

Read on for more details…

Faces of the Hand
Take a visual journey to the world of hands, the beautifully complex instruments we use to work, heal, communicate, create art and music, express sensuality, manipulate weapons and a myriad more things.
Canada Calling
Revisit our past with this short doc about radio programming in Canada in 1949. Focusing on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) – just 13 years old at the time – it features snatches of various program favourites including drama, forums and music.
St-Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea
Let legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau take you on a spectacular journey up the St-Lawrence River to the Great Lakes aboard his specially equipped vessel, the Calypso.
TV Sale
Pithy and satirical, this animated short is a commentary on the content we consume via our television sets. Are programs really designed around us, the spectators, or is it all a sham engineered to sell us more products?
Gene Boy Came Home
Meet Eugene “Gene Boy” Benedict, a boy from Odanak Indian Reserve who enlisted in the US Marines at 17 and spent 2 years fighting on the frontlines of the Vietnam War before beginning an arduous journey home.
The Masculine Mystique
This feature-length drama explores the changing role of men in today’s society by delving into the stories of 4 men and their relationships with women.
Land of the Heads
The tale of a vampire forced go out every night to separate children from their heads because his vain wife wants to replace her wrinkled head with one that is young and pretty.
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
Evelyn Lambart’s take on Aesop’s tale of 2 mice with vastly different lifestyles.
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Check out Flub and Utter, a Poetic Memoir of the Mouth

As The King’s Speech leads the Oscar race with 12 nominations, immerse yourself in the unusual poetics of stuttering with this interactive project featuring the work of Vancouver poet Jordan Scott.

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