@web20classroom, 1/20/11 Why Students Should Blog in School- skills!

Mr. Smith, Chalmers, Holmwood, Kletke, are leading Wood, Lewis, and others with the integration of blogging, in various forms, as a teaching tool AND learning activity. Mr Smith has used blogging as a PLN reflective writing tool, and publishing an online professional magazine.

English classrooms are using blogs as expository writing platform or prompted writing practice. It can also be designed to include an assessment component that even takes some evaluation paperless. Many schools are moving their school journalism classes into the blogosphere.

Mrs Holmwood uses blogs not just for Creative Writing but as a curriculum website portal. She scales her blog as needed without the beds for the extreme web programming skills.

Blogs can be used as travelogues, photo galleries, art museums, the list is endless because the tools are powerful and interactive- the publishing is two-way or multidimensional, not just one-way. The environment of user generated content is limited only by the members of the community involved.

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1/20/11 1:45 AM
What Skills Are Impacted When Students Blog? Check Out This Doc: http://bit.ly/iiZDHY

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