CBC talk-Should literature classics be ‘cleaned up’

Now I want to read Huck again…

Topic: Should literature classics be ‘cleaned up’ to suit modern sensibilities?

Background: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/books/story/2011/01/05/twain-edited.html

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Just a reminder about the facts Rex. The book, Huckleberry Finn isnot censored.  It is banned by some school boards but mostly it is tachers who choose to NOT use it because of local backlash.  The current news story is from the publisher- their corporate choice to REprint the classic novel removing the word ‘nigger’  for ‘slave’. This is a sales issue because schools and teachers and NOT buying the books. They want to sell a sanitized version.

The political correctness debate of words is insane because we are being offended by absolutely everything- and letting every foul word unmentionable on modern media. We surely hear senseless spoken profanities every day on the street and TV, yet some people continue to support the publishers’ effort to clean or filter original text from historical and classic authors.   We hear the N word on the tongues of rappers.  If we must clean up anything, let’s try to clean the foul discourse in our playgrounds, malls and public places. 

A Canadian 14 yr old who recently finished Twain’s Huck Finn, has learned the lesson Twain intended- she understands the shame of slavery and poverty in the south and comprehends how the N word creates such visceral opinions.  This girl is getting an education because her English teacher decided to select this American classic.


Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn

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