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Me2We Owls in Van

We are now halfway through the event and we have had appearances and performances by Selena Gomez, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Neverest, Victoria Duffield, Spencer West, Kreig and Marc Kielburger, Robin Wizawaty, and Mufasa the poet.















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The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Originally posted on LiterateOwl:

…These cuts can impact both students and teachers. Libraries may remain open, but they lack trained educators to support students. This despite a technological landscape that makes information literacy more important than ever. ..


Al Smith

“The New Librarian”. Digital Promise. 10-18-2014.

Smith, Al. Image. Kelowna, BC.09-13-2015

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Blended learning assessed…

When we talk to education leaders about blended learning, we often hear the question, “Does it work?” What they want to know is, “If I fund a blended learning initiative or implement a blended learning program in my schools, can I be confident that it will improve student learning?” Typically, these education leaders can see the potential that blended of aviation history demonstrating that fact.
…student-centered instruction, which in turn can produce strong student learning outcomes. Many schools today are testing and refining their blended learning models in order to figure out how to achieve increasingly stronger student learning results. The success of any blended learning program, however, depends on how well school leaders design and implement it with clear goals in mind

( Arnett)

- See more at:

Al Smith @literateowl


Arnett. “Blended Learning.” N.p., Oct. 2014. Web. 10 Oct. 2014. .

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Tweet … Malala Nobel Prize..

5L1jT4t5_normal.png KSSreads (@kssreads)
2014-10-10, 5:04 PM
Malala Yousafzai, Nobel winner, coming to Canada Oct. 22 so articulate!…

From Al Smith twoloons @literateowl

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Epic life- reflection reblog…

Wow! Where was this post 20years ago! :-) doesn’t matter- I knew it. I was just to absorbed or misguided to see it as an action. We all get off track of priorities despite ‘knowing’ , that developing boundaries for life’s priorities isn’t theory but an act of intention. I will share this with all the new fathers and mothers in my professional network. Very very sound reflection from Mr. Spencer. Thanks

“…. I recorded this reflection last night after putting my kids to bed and thinking about the trajectory of my career. I’ve chosen to do less and embrace the notion of doing the small things well. I think that’s what makes life epic…”( Spencer)


Al Smith @literateowl


Spencer, Jason. “The Epic life”. ‘Education Rethink’. (Online) 10-07-2014.

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Thanks Kidsbooks COTLA .. New book picks…

Thank you to Kidsbooks , Phyllis Simon- again! For decades of service and reading inspiration to the teachers, students and book lovers in the Okanagan. Your travelling and talks are so rewarding and contribute to quality of materials our COTLA teacher-librarians replenish every year for our students. Thx for all your visits :-)


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College ready? (@JudyArzt)

arztj_profilepage_normal.jpg JudyArzt (@JudyArzt)
2014-10-03, 5:00 PM
Education Reformers Don’t Know What “College Ready” Means @insidehighered #ccss #edreform

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From Al Smith
twoloons @literateowl

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Clay Shirky, just banned technology use in class…

Why a leading professor of new media , Clay Shirky, just banned technology use in class – The Washington Post

Stanford professor Cliff Nass discusses his research on multitasking and its effect on the brain in 2009. Nass was a professor of communication at Stanford University, co-creator of the Media Equation theory. He died last year. (Stanford University)

“….despite these rationales, the practical effects of my decision to allow technology use in class grew worse over time. The level of distraction in my classes seemed to grow, even though it was the same professor and largely the same set of topics, taught to a group of students selected using roughly the same criteria every year. The change seemed to correlate more with the rising ubiquity and utility of the devices themselves, rather than any change in me, the students, or the rest of the classroom encounter….(Straus, Washington Post)

Straus, Virginia. “Why media professor banned technology from classroom”. Washington Post. 10/04/2014.

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Some October Library News :-)

- October 27 has been proclaimed School Library Day in BC! We are once again challenging British Columbians to Drop Everything and Read. Last year, over 72,000 people participated. Will you join us this year for the 8th annual challenge? 2014 Drop Everything and Read posters are now available at

- “From School Library to Library Learning Commons: A Pro-Active Model for Educational Change” is now available in draft on the BCTLA website for review. The document was developed in part to respond to requests for guidance and support around a shift to a learning commons model. Send feedback on the document to editor Moira Ekdahl,

- The “Ethics of Information Use” poster, also known as the “HONESTY” poster, has been recreated as a 8.5 x 11 pdf. The poster is now available for download in English at

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CBC Checkup discusses future of libraries..


“….Cross-Country Checkup asks: What is the future of the library?
Friday, September 26, 2014
On Sept. 28, Cross-Country Checkup is hosting an episode dedicated to the library. What’s the future of the local library in the age of Google? Peter Mansbridge will guest host this special episode. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET.

If you are in Waterloo, Ont., you can join the live studio audience! Details are on the Cross-Country Checkup website.

Whatever form the library of the future takes, we know Canadians will continue to love their libraries. Check out the stories below for proof…. “

Al Smith teacher-librarian

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