Interwar Years- Project

The Interwar Years- 1920’s-1930’s

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During the World wars and Interwar Years Canada experienced economic gain, more freedom for women and new technological advancements.

During the war, the woman’s suffrage movement gained support. The provinces began extending voting rights to women in 1916, and women were finally allowed to vote in federal elections in 1918. Canada was also faced with the return of thousands of soldiers, with few jobs waiting for them at home. They also brought back with them the Spanish Flu, which killed over 50 000 people by 1919, almost the same number that had been killed in the war.

Crowd gathered outside old City Hall during the Winnipeg General Strike, June 21, 1919

The move from a wartime to a peacetime economy, combined with the unwillingness of returned soldiers to accept pre-war working conditions, led to another crisis.

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Poverty Stricken

Poverty -Dorothea Lange.  California

Poverty -Dorothea Lange. California


During the Great Depression thousands of families left their homes in the ‘dust bowl’ of the Midwest, where they could no longer make a living through agriculture, and headed to California where they hoped to find employment and build a better future. Many of them found that the situation in California was little better than at home and found work hard to come by, although the New Deal work creation schemes offered some opportunities for relieving unemployment. The tale of one migrant family during the Great Depression was immortalized by John Steinbeck in his novel The Grapes of Wrath.( eLibrary, History Study)

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A Flapper’s Life



‘Flappers’ were women who cut their hair short, wore short skirts and make-up, and went out dancing to jazz music. These young women felt themselves to be part of a newly-emancipated generation, rebelling against the Victorian values of their parents and enjoying new social freedoms. They defied the conventions of what had been acceptable behaviour for a woman, smoking cigarettes and driving cars. The image of the ‘flapper’ symbolised these new morals and freedom for women in the 1920s.( eLibrary, History Study )

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2015 CBC Massey Lecturer will be Margaret MacMillan -CBC

MacMillan is an expert on World War I and frequently lectures on the subject in conferences around the world.(CBC)

CBC is proud to announce that the 2015 CBC Massey Lecturer will be Margaret MacMillan, historian and renowned author of the international bestsellers The War that Ended Peace, Nixon in China, and Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World, which won the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Samuel Johnson Prize.

Massey Lectures

Massey Lectures

MacMillan’s lectures will be about the roles individual men and women have played in history. She says, “I want to make a highly personal selection of those historical figures, women and men, who stand out for me and explain why; how they fit in their times and how they reflected prevailing values and attitudes, and where, like Luther or Marx, they challenged and changed them. I’m interested in personality traits and emotions, and among other things I’ll be looking at such things as curiosity, daring, ambition, vision, stubbornness and integrity. I’m interested in great rulers, elected leaders and generals, whose personalities and decisions made a difference in history, and in writers, explorers and thinkers whose voices also speak to us across the centuries.’


“Margaret MacMillan 2015 CBC Massey.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 4 Aug. 2014. Web. 21 Nov. 2014. <;.

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KSS Theatre presents…

Kelowna Secondary School’s Night Owl Theatre is proud to present three evenings of side splits and heart ache with two one act plays; Check Please, and It’s Not You It’s Me.

Think you have have had the most awkward first date, or the hardest time breaking up with something, well you haven’t seen anything yet!
Check Please is the hilarious journey of two characters, a guy and a girl, as they go through first date after first date just trying to find a normal date. It’s Not You It’s Me parallels by following two other characters and their magnetism for being broken up with.

Kelowna Secondary School’s

Night Owl Theatre

presents :

Check Please by Jonathan Rand

Directed by Anne-Marie Holmwood

It’s not you, it’s me by Don Zolidis

directed by Bella Thomson

November 27, 28, 29 at 7:00 pm

Kelowna Secondary School Theatre

1079 Raymer Avenue

$12     Adults

$8        Students

Tickets are available at the door or contact

NightOwl Theatre at Kelowna Secondary School

NightOwl Theatre at Kelowna Secondary School

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The Programmer’s Price- the new job shortage

Why our school community doesn’t encourage and expand Computer Science enrolment still astounds me. The day of male geek realm is long over. We over enrol the standard sciences and miss valuable opportunities for smart thinkers- our current students.

The world is being rebuilt in code. Hiring computer engineers used to be the province of tech companies, but, these days, every business—from fashion to finance—is a tech company. City governments have apps … All of these enterprises need programmers. The venture capitalist Marc Andreessen told New York recently, “Our companies are dying for talent. They’re like lying on the beach gasping because they can’t get enough talented people in for these


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World War 2… video from Access Learning

World War 2… Canada’s Role. -video from Access Learning

Road to War
Declares War
Early War

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Me2We Owls in Van

We are now halfway through the event and we have had appearances and performances by Selena Gomez, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Neverest, Victoria Duffield, Spencer West, Kreig and Marc Kielburger, Robin Wizawaty, and Mufasa the poet.















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Gold Picks -reading showcase

Browse our reading selections in the commons. Teacher-librarians’ Gold Picks and Library TAs have showcased some recommended titles and authors. Visit new additions arranged by call numbers.


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Audio Post

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The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Originally posted on LiterateOwl:

…These cuts can impact both students and teachers. Libraries may remain open, but they lack trained educators to support students. This despite a technological landscape that makes information literacy more important than ever. ..


Al Smith

“The New Librarian”. Digital Promise. 10-18-2014.

Smith, Al. Image. Kelowna, BC.09-13-2015

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Blended learning assessed…

When we talk to education leaders about blended learning, we often hear the question, “Does it work?” What they want to know is, “If I fund a blended learning initiative or implement a blended learning program in my schools, can I be confident that it will improve student learning?” Typically, these education leaders can see the potential that blended of aviation history demonstrating that fact.
…student-centered instruction, which in turn can produce strong student learning outcomes. Many schools today are testing and refining their blended learning models in order to figure out how to achieve increasingly stronger student learning results. The success of any blended learning program, however, depends on how well school leaders design and implement it with clear goals in mind

( Arnett)

- See more at:

Al Smith @literateowl


Arnett. “Blended Learning.” N.p., Oct. 2014. Web. 10 Oct. 2014. .

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